Three Reasons to Use Project Management Software

Posted on Aug 30, 2018 |

“Do we really need project management software?”

It is the question so many business owners ask. Whether it is a small or mid-sized business, they are curious about whether such software offers any advantages.

Ever message a colleague asking them if their assignment is done?Ever walked into the boss’ office and asked when an entire project is due to management?

These are the questions project management software can help answer. And it can do so much more! Here are three major reasons a business should use project management software:


Project management software increases the visibility around a project for everyone involved. Anyone who is a part of the team can see how many steps are involved in the project. They can also see the progress on each step and the entire project.

Is there a project that is in danger of missing a deadline? Perhaps one or two team members are taking too long in getting their parts done. Everyone can see if a teammate is in the red, regarding a deadline on their part of the project.

Team leaders can identify these at risk projects and take immediate action, instead of being blindsided on the day everything is due!


Everyone on a team has a role to play in a project. Each person has a part to play. And they must play that part perfectly if a project is to get over the line on time!

Project management software boosts accountability. Say a team leader is asked by senior management how a project is progressing. They can link the project chart to their superior, which will show how each stage of the project is progressing.

Teammates can also hold each other accountable. For instance, one employee may see that a team member’s part in a project is in danger of being late. They can walk a few steps towards their team member’s station and ask them what is going on. Perhaps that team member needed some help but was afraid to ask. Now they can get help and their part will be done on time!


A project involving many different employees or departments requires excellent organization. And project management software is the very basis for easy organization and teamwork.

The software will help everyone on the team develop an established process for getting an assignment, seeing when it is due, submitting work and having it edited. Team members can also communicate with each other regarding the project, making edits or getting valuable information.

And the best part? Everyone on the team is informed through a central location. No need to constantly check email, look at a calendar or ask others when something is due. Every bit of relevant information is there on the interface, which is accessible on smartphones, tablets and computers.

Project management software is the key to a business successfully creating an atmosphere of teamwork and collaboration.

It will make everyone’s life easier and ensure that various departments within a company are always on time when completing major projects.

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