Five Ways to Boost Workplace Productivity

Posted on Sep 1, 2018 |

Workplace productivity is a continuous issue for companies in every industry.Companies want their employees performing at their optimal efficiency, but they also want to get more out of each employee, squeezing out the maximum work for a given cost.

How can companies ensure their employees are working in a healthy way, but also exhibiting more productivity?Here are five tips that should help.

  1. Limiting Multitasking

Technology has given so much to businesses of all sizes. However, technology also means that workers can be easily distracted, whether it is by their phone or social media on the computer.

Companies must take steps to ban social media sites on workplace internet. They must also set appropriate behavior guidelines regarding workers using social media on their phones while on the job.

  1. Use Project Management Software

Much of the work at modern businesses is a collaborative effort that involves many people. Individuals put in the work on smaller aspects of an entire project. Having project management software can help to streamline this process.

With project management software, team members can see what aspects of a project fall under their responsibility. And team leaders can easily assign various tasks, set due dates and monitor progress.

  1. Allow Breaks

Employees are not machines, no matter how much companies want them to work until they drop! People need to take breaks if they are to remain focused and on-task.

Allowing ten minute breaks every couple hours is a great way to boost productivity, as these breaks allow employees to visit the bathroom, walk around the office or grab a snack!

Companies should also encourage their employees to get off their desk during these breaks, as sitting down for three or four hours in a row is not good for health or productivity.

  1. Set Small, Achievable Goals

People are much more likely to work at their best level when they are motivated. When employees are assigned enormous tasks that take weeks to finish, they can get bogged down or demotivated.

It is up to company and department leaders to break down those bigger projects into small, achievable goals. When an employee knows they achieved something every single day, they will come to work the next day motivated to do even better!

  1. Create a Group Working Atmosphere

The best ideas and results come when people are allowed to work together in a positive and collaborative way. No single person is going to come up with the solutions to solve an organization’s issues.

Not only does group work allow for good camaraderie within a company, but it gets the job done faster. Teams should be encouraged to work collaboratively, sharing thoughts, ideas and work to find the best solution for a project or task.

By following these five guidelines, companies can try to boost the productivity of their employees.

And the positive nature of these suggestions is they will promote a healthy work environment, where employees are working within reasonable limits. The company gets better productivity, while workers are in better shape mentally and physically!

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