5 Time Management Hacks to Help You Multi-Task Like A Pro

Posted on Aug 27, 2018 |

We’re often asked by parents for advice and tips on time management, especially at times where school is just about to resume after a long holiday… so here’s our top 5 tips.

It’s a busy world, and it’s about to get busier for many parents across the nation. School is resuming and that means squeezing more activities into an already jam-packed schedule. Here are 5 of our favorite time-savers.

  1. Prepping Like a Boss on a Budget

Back to school sales are a great place to stock up on family essentials on the cheap. Keep your eyes open for inexpensive organizers and containers that can be individually filled with go-to items. Shower caddies filled with bathroom necessities are space/time savers and can be decoratively functional.

Upcycling old containers is a stylishly cost-effective way to store bulk items for later use, just make sure to label them. For example, those large plastic pretzel stick tubs make great art supply holders, so do decorated tin cans.

  1. Choosing the Right Time for Each Task

Keeping everyone on schedule doesn’t have to be stressful. Taking a few moments each week to plot out timeslots for important tasks is key to effective time management. When your schedule and your natural rhythms are in sync, goals are easier to accomplish.

If you are an early riser, make the most of the quiet time before the household wakes up and the daily grind begins. This is an ideal time to check emails, catch up on news and social media, and fine tune the day’s agenda. Night-owls can take advantage of those peaceful hours they prefer in the same way.

  1. Synchronize Your Devices

Possibly the easiest time-saving hack to enact is simply syncing up all the calendars of the devices that you and your household uses regularly. This nifty trick keeps everyone one the same page, schedule, and reduces the chances of double-booking events.

If your students are involved in multiple extracurricular activities, it’s also a good idea to make use of their school reminder apps. Most public and private schools make their event schedules available to the student body and their parents through such apps and school websites.

  1. Follow Grandma’s Advice and Assign a Place for Everything

Habits, both good and bad, take about 21 days to become second-nature. You can facilitate this process by assigning certain areas for certain tasks. Labelling those spaces in some way will help you remember exactly what is where until those habits are formed.

For the crafty parents, there is a slew of DIY tutorials just waiting to be tried on social media to help get your family organized. For those who prefer to purchase organizational items, you can find these items easily online, but you may pay more for the convenience.

Establishing “homes” for everyday items cuts down on time spent trying to find that lost shoe, homework assignment, and other daily headaches.

  1. Leave Some Flexibility in Your Schedules

When planning out your weekly agenda, don’t forget to leave some wiggle room. Life is full of wonderful surprises, so, give yourself time to enjoy them.

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